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Exploring w/Member From Washington

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Exploring w/Member From Washington
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8/25/2019 7:18:57 AM
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On August 23, 2019, a member of the historic society from Washington State, Paul Salisbury, visited Clarendon for a family history tour.  Paul is descended of Abraham Salisbury, one of the leaders of Clarendon during the tumultuous 1770's.  Abraham had been on the first Selectboard constituted in Clarendon, was Commissioner of Sequestration overseeing Tory property confiscations (see Tory Prisoners entry in the People collection), and was a Captain in the Revolutionary war (see Rev. War Soldiers in People collection).  His sons Abraham Jr, Ezekiel, and Gardner eventually moved away from Clarendon but through his daughters Mary who married James Eddy, Sarah who married Peleg Eddy, and Phebe who married George Westcott, some of Abraham's descendants can still be found in Clarendon. 

Abraham's son Gardner (who Paul is descended of) married Hannah Bowman, daughter of John Bowman & Sarah Smith (see the Joseph Smith Inn - Bowman Tavern  entry in the Buildings & Enterprises collection) that eventually came to be known as the Pierce Homestead (see Pierce House entry in the Homes collection and the Pierce House Fire entry in the Events collection)

Bob Underhill brought Paul to the Clarendon Flats, East Clarendon, and Chippenhook Cemeteries to see certain tombstones and showed him various sites where his relatives lived or owned property.  Phil Mandolare and Ed Congdon who had been exploring one of the Creek Rd properties that had been in Paul's family then met up with Bob & Paul at the Hawkins property on Creek Rd that had been where Abraham's home had been at one time.  Shown in the cover photo is Ed Congdon, Phil Mandolare, and Paul Salisbury taken at the Hawkin's.  Below is Bob Underhill & Paul.  Note that the driveway in the background behind Bob & Paul is part of the former Crown Point Road.
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