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H. Kingsley House

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H. Kingsley House
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VT Div for Historic Preservation
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1976 Historical Survey
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Historic Structures surveyed in 1970's
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Details from the historic survey for this ca. 1830 Bump Road house can be found at the link above.  This property was owned by Michael Heim at the time of the 1976 historical survey.

This home may have first been owned by either Horace (1806 - 1886), Harvey (1807 - 1892), or Harrison (1813 - 1901) Kingsley, three of the sons of Chester Kingsley (1782 - 1855) and his wife Rhoda Weeks (1786 - 1852).  It is also possible that Chester & Rhoda built the home.  Given the home that is part of the Kingsley Mill complex at the corner of East St. and Gorge Rd. was built in the 1820's, it is more likely that Chester & Rhoda lived in that home when they came to Clarendon from Shrewsbury ca. 1825 in conjunction with buying Nathaniel Crary's Mill and that the Bump Rd home was subsequently built by one of the sons . That said, in the 1830 census the Chester Kingsley household was the only Kingsley household in Clarendon at that time.  If it is true that one of his sons built this Bump Road house it would mean that the house was built after the 1830 census was done. 

Note that the 1976 historic survey erred in calling this home the Kingsby house, likely as a result of consulting the 1854 map which identified several of the Kingsleys as Kingsbys. 

More information on the Kingsleys and the Kingsley Mill complex can be found in the Buildings and Enterprises collection.