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Clarendon Gorge Electric Power 1911

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Clarendon Gorge Electric Power 1911
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Holden Materials
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In 1911 there was a proposal to build a dam and power plant on the Mill River by the Shrewsbury-Clarendon town line.  The power company (name currently unknown) sought a tax exemption for which a Special Town Meeting was called in August 1911.  In addition to the eventual upside of increased taxation when the tax exemption ended, the incentive was theoretical industrial development in Clarendon Flats.

Whether the power plant did not get built because Town Meeting did not approve the requested tax exemption or whether the power company changed its mind is not known at this time.  The answer may come when additional documents surface.  Three associated documents from 1911 are attached or shown below. 

We don't know what this facility would have looked like had it been built.  The cover photo is of a hydropower facility in Sweden in 1910.  The pitch from the power company's lawyer can be found here and the resulting input from the State here. Below is a draft Town Meeting warrant.  All of the letters were found in the Holden materials.

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