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Eddy Speech 1941 Sesquicentennial

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Eddy Speech 1941 Sesquicentennial
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The eloquent speech found here is thought to have been written by Henry H. Eddy (1899 - 1965) of Clarendon in 1941 for the local Vermont Sesquicentennial celebration.  The note at the top indicates someone else delivered the speech but the fact that Henry had the original speech with edits, in combination with his having been a school teacher and then archivist strongly suggest him as the author.  On the last page of the speech there are three spots where separate documents were to be read.  They were the 1773 accounts of Benjamin Spencer found here, of Anna Button found here, and Daniel Walker Jr's account of Simpson Jennings found here.

Henry was the son of Elijah Eddy (1866 - 1942) and Ruth Seamans (1878 - 1954).  At the time of the 1940 census he was living with his parents in Clarendon and working as an English teacher at Rutland High School, divorced from Helen Everett Anthony who he had married in 1926 in Danvers, MA and divorced in 1936 in Vermont.  His death certificate says he had been Director of Archives somewhere in NH and had been at the Hotel Berwick in Rutland for the 3 months prior to his death.  Henry was buried in the Chippenhook Cemetery.