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Eddy Family: Devil's Cabinet Presentation

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Eddy Family: Devil's Cabinet Presentation
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5/16/2019 4:41:56 PM
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Jason Smiley
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Eddy Family
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Eddy Family
Jason Smiley
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Jason Smiley of Milton, VT spoke at the May 15, 2019 meeting held at the Grange Hall.  The topic was the world famous spirit medium Eddy Brothers of Chittenden, William (1838 - 1932) & Horatio (1842 - 1922).   William and Horatio's father Zephaniah (1804-1862) was born and raised in Clarendon and moved to Chittenden in the early 1840's after 5 of his 11 children, including William, had been born in Clarendon. 

Jason will be publishing a book about the Eddy's.  When it is published a link will be provided here for anyone looking to buy a copy. 

Below is the announcement in the May 15, 2019 Rutland Herald. 
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