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Letter from US Senator Page 1911

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Letter from US Senator Page 1911
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Carroll Smalley Page (1843 - 1925) from Hyde Park, VT was a US Senator from VT 1908 - 1923.   For the period 1909 - 1911 under the administration of President William Howard Taft he served as Chair of the Committee on Standards, Weights and Measures.  In 1911 he wrote to Arthur Newton Holden (1850 - 1932), who was a Selectman in Clarendon, asking for the names of prominent men in Clarendon. 

The letter does not say why he wanted the names. A likely guess is he needed to appoint someone to serve in some capacity relative to the work his committee did.  It is interesting that he was only interested in the most prominent men without regard to any specific qualification for whatever he had in mind. 

The cover photo is Senator Page.  The letter can be seen below. 
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