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School @ Spears Trucking 1949

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School @ Spears Trucking 1949
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At some point the East Clarendon School on Airport Rd became overcrowded.  The structure was expanded but for an interim period that ran from at least 1945 through 1949 the lower grades (up through 4th) went to school next door at the office structure for the former Spears Trucking Company.  

Most of the students ion this photo have not been identified and to that end we ask for any assistance readers might provide.  Identified students are:

Back Row: ??, Alice Lapre, ??, David Weeks. ??, ??, Carol Lee, Jean Doty, ??

Middle Row: ??, ??, ??, Bambi Weeks, Linda Potter, Bobby Joe Byrne, Lucretia Badger, ??, ??, ??

Front Row:  ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, ??, Wonita Start, ??, ??, ??