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Keiley Cellar Hole

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Keiley Cellar Hole
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The1869 map that references J. Reiley erred in that it was Jeremiah Keiley (1828 - 1916) and family who lived there.  He and his wife Mary McCormick (ca. 1823 - 1888) were both Irish immigrants, Jeremiah having arrived in 1845.  He was living in Rutland by 1850 where he was working as a laborer.  He, Mary, and their first two children are found in the 1860 census for Shrewsbury.  In 1863 he registered for the draft in Clarendon but he did not serve in the Civil War.  In the 1890's he was in Rutland for a period but came back to Clarendon by 1900 where he remained for the rest of his days.  In 1910 he was living with two of his unmarried children, Margaret and John.  When the house ceased to exist is not known as is whether the Keiley's built it or bought it. 

The main part of this house was approximately 20' x 30' but with what might have been an addition of about 262 sq. ft. for a total of 862 sq. ft.  The addition also had a cellar with an approximate 7' opening into it from the main portion of the house.  Whether there was a second level is not known. 

Just a few feet to the east of the house is evidence of another surface structure that did not have a cellar and was likely an outbuilding of some sort.  This site is adjacent to a swampy area which may be the reason for the proximity of the outbuilding to the house.  This structure was approximately 15' x 15' with an other 6' x 6' section on the north side for a total of about 261 sq. ft.

Just a few feet to the northeast of the northeast corner of the outbuilding is a large flat stone that may be the covering for a well. 

These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.

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