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Horton & Meloon Cellar Hole

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Horton & Meloon Cellar Hole
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3/29/2019 12:44:18 PM
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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This property was on the south side off Horton Road deep in the woods.  Hopkins Horton (1793 - 1890) came to Clarendon from Danby in 1814 after marrying Hannah Kelley Northrup (1793 - 1874).  They had 11 children.  Hannah was a 1st cousin to David Kelley whose cellar hole can also be found in this collection.  Hopkins was a grand nephew of Stephen Hopkins, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He was a leading person in Clarendon as can be seen in the biographical article published in the Dec. 16, 1887 Burlington Weekly Free Press at the link above. 

The Meloon connection is not clearly defined yet.  Hopkins and Hannah's daughter Seviah Amelia (1819 - 1903) married David Cass Meloon (1821 - 1877) of NH in 1843 and by 1860 they were in Boston.  They can subsequently be found in Cambridge, MA and then Medford, MA.  The fact that the 1869 map identifies this site as Horton-Meloon when Seviah and David were living in the Boston area might be indicative that one or more of their children were living with Hopkins and Hannah, but if so they are not found in the 1860 or 1870 censuses.  Hopkins Horton had moved to Clarendon Flats by time of the 1870 census.

This home was in the shape of an L, the larger portion being approximately 30' x 24' and the smaller 6' x 16' for about 816 sq. ft. in total.  the entirety of the house had a cellar.  The well and what was possibly the privy for this home have also been identified, the well to the west of the house across the access drive and the privy to the northeast of the house. 

The cover photo and the first one below are of the cellar hole.  That is followed by a photo of the well cover. These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.

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