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D. Kelley Cellar Hole

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D. Kelley Cellar Hole
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3/28/2019 2:55:20 PM
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Philip L Mandolare
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Misc Photos
Phil Mandolare
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This Creek Rd cellar hole is where the home of David Kelley (1778 - 1869) and his wife Anna Hill  (1783 - 1851) was.  It can be seen on the 1854 & 1869 maps.  Next door was the home where their sons Elihu Sherman Kelley (1806 - 1884), Samuel Hill Kelley (1810 - 1903), and their families lived. Elihu and Samuel's home is still there.   

This home was approximately 38' x 30' or about 1,140 sq. ft.  It is not known if there was a second level to the home.  To the southeast of the home was a barn approximately 25' x 30'. 

The cover photo is of the cellar hole site.  Below is a photo of where the barn foundation was and then what might be the original track of the Crown Point Rd running alongside the barn site.  After that are more views of the home site. 

See the Elihu and Samuel Kelley House in the Homes collection for more information on this family.

These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare

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