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Stone Mill

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Stone Mill
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Edwin Congdon
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Ed Congdon
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This undated photo is of the ruins of a former mill constructed of stone that was on the west side of the Clarendon River south of Walker Mountain Rd in Chippenhook.  In front of it is the ruins of the foundation of what had been a grist mill which burned in January 1868.  On the river just upstream of the stone mill is the dam which held back water used to power both of these mills.  The pond in seen in the photo is water backed up by the lower dam used to power the Ewing Mill (see Ewing Mill entry in this collection). 

Per research done by Dawn Hance the gristmill was constructed by 1784 by Andrew Potter (1757 - 1829) and the stone mill by 1843 by Varnum Taylor (1817 - 1883).  When the stone mill ceased operations and when it was torn down is not known.