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Jewell House

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Jewell House
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This East St. property was bought by David Jewell (1746 - ) in 1782 from Elihu Smith.  Sometime between then and 1793 a home was built here.  Whether it was the present home or an earlier one is not known.  In 1807 David Jewell sold a home and 60 acres to Thomas Stewart (1771 - 1840).   The 1970 State historical survey indicated this home was built ca. 1805.  Given the substantial price paid by Thomas Stewart in 1807 this house was likely already in place.  Whether it goes back as far as 1793 or earlier is not known. 

We know a home was there by 1793 based on David being paid by the town for the care of an indigent by the name of Cow who was possibly Catherine Quow. 

When Thomas Stewart passed the property was bought by his son Harvey (1798 - 1868) and wife Phila Page (1798 - 1850).  Harvey was living there at the time of the 1854 & 1869 map compilations. 

Interior murals in this home were featured in the 1972 publication Early Vermont Wall Paintings 1790 - 1850 by Robert L. McGrath.  In the book it is listed as the Howard House after the then owners Dr. Philip and Mrs. Isabell Howard.  Before the Howards, this property was known as the "Old Will Cary Farm". 

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