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Elias Stewart House

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Elias Stewart House
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The core of this East St. home is believed to have been built ca. 1790 by Elias Stewart (1742 - 1792) and his wife Sarah Stewart (1743 - 1811).  Sarah and Elias were 2nd cousins.  It is possible the house was built at an earlier date as this Stewart household came to Clarendon in 1779.  The home went to their son Thomas II (1771 - 1840) and his wife Clarissa Rhodes (1775 - 1832).  Clarissa and Thomas were 1st cousins.   The property then passed to their son Thomas III (1806-1884) and his wife Maria Hopkins Everts (1808 - 1892).  After that it continued in the Stewart family for at least two additional generations. 

At the time of the 1869 map, it was Thomas III (1806 - 1884)  and grandson Thomas IV (1840 - 1880) who were living next door to each other on this property. 

More details on this property and the Stewart family can be found in the Stewart Farm entry in the Farms and Barns collection.  This farm was the location of the former Haven Hill Orchard.