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Gee House

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Gee House
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Gee House
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Dawn Hance, Steve & Jean Surrell
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This North Clarendon Village home is unique in terms of its style and unusual in its origins.  Its precise history is still a mystery with there still being more questions than answers.  Any additional info on it would be much appreciated.  The 1970's State historic survey pegged this home as being built ca. 1875 but there was no indication that they knew its origins.  It likely is significantly older. 

Leonard Perry Gee (1837 - 1909) moved buildings as his trade and was living on this site since sometime in the 1860's, remaining here until his death.  He had moved the front portion of the house onto this site but when he moved it is not known.  The back portion of the house is not precisely at a 90 degree angle to the front portion which adds to the mystery.  Whether he was living in the back portion of the house when the front portion was attached or if there was a predecessor structure taken down prior to the move or even if the back portion is older or newer than the front is not known.

Anecdotal accounts indicate that this home was cut off of the north end of what had been a tavern directly across the road (see photos and notations below).  The Gee house dimensions and style does not match that former tavern.  Allowing that being cut off of a tavern and moved from elsewhere in the village part of the story is correct, an alternative theory would be that it came off of a different tavern in the village and that across the road could have meant across North Shrewsbury Rd.  Local historian Dawn Hance believes it came from the east side of today's Rt 7B North to the north of the Gee property where there had been another tavern at one point. 

The cover photo is from 1910.  The bottom photo is from 2006 town records.

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