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Former Road, Now Brook

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Former Road, Now Brook
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VT State Archives
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MIsc Photos
VT State Archives (2000 Photo), Clarendon, NY Hist
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If the frequency with which the postcard (below) can be found is any indication, it is one of the more popular 1927 flood photos.  The question is where exactly was it taken?  The photo taken in 2000 (above) is from the VT State Archives.  It is supposed to have been taken of the same spot. 

One school of thought is that the location is in Chippenhook at what is now Firehouse Rd, but the hills in the viewscape to the south of the 1927 photo don't seem to line up.  The 2000 photo is taken somewhat closer to the bridge abutments than the 1927 photo, and again it is looking to the south.  In 2000 that segment of road did not have a bridge which would make for a match but the viewscape is different even if the angle of the shot is a bit different.  It does bear some resemblance to the area on the west side of Walker Mountain Road between Quarterline Rd and Gravel Pit Road.  The swampy area to the south could be a match as well

There is no guarantee that these two photos are of the same place. 

Where was this 1927 flood photo taken? 

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