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Power's Field

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Power's Field
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Power's Field on the old Route 7 just below Clarendon Flats was the center of much activity for at least a few years in the 1960's.  Construction of the new Route 7 that began in 1966 brought that to an end and seemingly this ballfield and event center fell away from common memory.

There were numerous mentions in the Rutland Herald during the 1962 - 1965 period of baseball teams practicing there and playing their games.  There were as well a number of fundraising events for baseball teams and the Clarendon Fire Dept.  The cover photo was an advertisement in 1963 for one such fundraiser.  Donkey Baseball must have been a popular event as this one in 1963 was not the only one held there.  Below that is an ad for a Gymkhana and Horse Games fundraiser in 1965.  Gymkhanas were skills-based contests of a physical nature, though what they were at Power's Field remains a mystery.  Gymkhanas and horse events were held here at other times as well.  Note that the Sept. 12, 1965 one advertised included a greased pig contest.  Perhaps that was part of the gymkhana.  At least one horse show in 1965 included a rodeo. 

Below the gymkhana ad is an article about a horse show to be held at Power's Field where we also learn that a woman serving as the announcer must have been a groundbreaking event locally. 

At the bottom is an aerial from 1957 showing the field so we know it goes back at least that far.  Perhaps it hadn't come to be called Power's Field yet back then or its usage was less formal than was happening in the 1962 - 65 period when there were many newspaper mentions.  The earliest mention found is from May 1959 in a brief article mentioning Edna Ingalls and Gladys Congdon being in charge of the school picnic to be held at "Power's Ball Field".

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