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Gleason Cellar Hole

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Gleason Cellar Hole
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2/16/2019 12:17:59 PM
Cellar Holes
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Artifacts found in Clarendon
Phil Mandolare
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This cellar hole on East Tinmouth Rd had been the home of Charles Gleason (1805 - 1868) and his wife Nancy Eddy Gleason (1803 - 1864) as can be seen on the 1854 and 1869 maps. 

We don't know when the house was built but prior to the Gleasons the property was owned by the Chaffee family.  Comfort Chaffee (1756 - 1828) was in Clarendon as early as 1786 and bought this property in 1790 from William Green.  Comfort sold it in 1801 to his brother Braddock (1756 - 1813) and when he passed it went to Braddock's son Asa (1794 - 1833).  Upon Asa's death it went to Asa's daughter Luthera (1823-1912) who before her marriage to Dr. John Branch (1805 - 1881) sold it to Nancy Eddy in 1845 for $1,300.  In 1860 Nancy deeded it to her husband Charles.  Nancy having bought and owned the property apart from her husband who she had married in 1837 is an interesting twist in this property's history.  Nancy's 1st husband was James Gleason (1798 - 1834), brother to her 2nd husband Charles. 

This home was approximately 30' x 30' or about 900 sq. ft. and appears to have had a walkout on the north side.  Whether it had a second level is not known.  The cement pieces speak to the house having survived to the point that more modern repairs or maintenance was done to it. 

A special thanks to Dawn Hance for her deed research work on this.  These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.  See the Gleason Site 1760 King George Hibernia entry in the Artifacts collection for a coin found here. 

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