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Darius Green and His Flying Machine

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Darius Green and His Flying Machine
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Donated by Bob Underhill
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This book was published in 1910 by John Townsend Trowbridge (1827 - 1916), author of Neighbor Jackwood which was partly written at the then Wylie farm on Creek Rd.  What his connection to Clarendon was is not yet known. 

It is a long poem written in 1869 and per Dave Potter in the 1976 Clarendon history book:

Legend has it that the pasture hill on the east side of the road across from Potter Bros. south meadow was the site for the maiden flight of Darius Green's "Flying Machine." The exact date of his effort is unknown, although sometime previous to 1869 when a long poem was composed to commemorate the feat. The "Flying Machine" apparently was an elaborate winged glider constructed in secret over several months duration. Likened to a dragon, bat, and the helm of a ship, the Machine held all the promise of flight. When put to the test, the glider soared and flapped for an instant, but ended:

"In a wonderful whirl of tangled strings

Broken braces and broken springs,

Broken tall and broken wings,

Shooting stars, and various things."

When queried about his like for fIying, the dazed but unscathed Darius was said to have replied, "Wal, I like flying well enough, but it ain't such a sight o' fun when ye come to light."

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