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1869 Clarendon

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1869 Clarendon
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5/8/2017 1:43:59 PM
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Middlebury College Vermont
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Clarendon Maps 1869
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Clarendon Map 1869
Donated by Bob Underhill
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This map is from the collections at Middlebury College https://archive.org/details/vtmaps_Clarendon_0063

This Frederick W. Beers (1839 - 1933) map provides the names of many homeowners in addition to indication of where schools and other fixtures are.  This map, the 1869 version with detail on the three villages, and the 1854 maps are the most useful ones in existence for Clarendon. 

An interesting account was received in 2020 from Bette Ewing Fox, GG Granddaughter of Julius A.C. Ewing.  She says that in his diary, Julius said on May 28, 1868, that the man surveying for this map stayed overnight at his house.