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Hall Tavern

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Hall Tavern
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The undated cover photo courtesy of the Rutland Historical Society is of the Hayward Farm  which subsequently served as a State Police Barracks opposite the current Denny's Restaurant on Rt 7.  It is said that the Hall Tavern was very similar in construction to this structure.

The history of this property was provided courtesy of Dawn Hance.  Per Dawn's research it was originally built prior to 1802 by Elihu Smith (1734 - 1830) (see Homes Collection for the Elihu Smith House).  There was a tavern here known as Johnson Smith's by 1795 per the Oct. 12, 1795 Rutland Herald article below which presumably is the same tavern that eventually became Hall Tavern.  This was Elihu Johnson Smith (1768 - 1799), son of Elihu Smith.  It was located on the site of the Powers Cheese Factory that is separately featured in this collection.  In 1805 Elihu and his son Daniel sold this structure and 250 acres for $4,000 to Samuel B. Sheldon who in turn sold the property to Ambrose Hall for $12,000 the same year. In 1809 Thomas Emery Hall sold 20 acres and the tavern plus 40 acres on the east side of the road to Caleb B. Hall (1779 - 1857).  We do not know who this Ambrose Hall or Thomas Emery Hall were or what their connection was to Caleb. 

Caleb owned the tavern until 1859 when his estate sold it to Nichols M. Powers  who subsequently tore it down ca. 1870 and reused the bricks for an addition to his home that he bought in 1869 (see Powers House in the Homes collection).  It appears that Caleb's son Caleb B. Hall (1814 - 1870) took over the tavern in the early 1840's.  After it was sold we find Caleb Jr. managing the Allen House in Rutland

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