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Fisk House

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Fisk House
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This ca. 1850 house is on West Tinmouth Rd.  On the 1869 map Benjamin Fisk (1796 - 1884) lived on the south side of the intersection with New Horizons Rd whereas this house is on the north side of that intersection.  It is presumed to be an error on the part of the mapmaker; there having been other errors found elsewhere.  Benjamin had been married to Katherine Colvin (1790 - 1852) and was the son of Benjamin Fisk (1770 - 1866) and Freelove Colvin (1771 - 1844).

It is possible that this home is older than 1850 being Benjamin had bought what was a 20 acre parcel in 1839 with a dwelling already there. 

The cover photo is from 2006 town records. The photo below is from 1989 town records and the bottom photo from 2014.
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