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Wilson House

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Wilson House
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Bob Underhill, Joyce Barbieri (1st article), Dawn
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This is one of the more historic homes in Clarendon.  It was built ca, 1785 and was documented in a history written in 1956 by Lois Wilder.   That history can be found here.  There was also an article in the Rutland Herald ca. 1943 that can be seen below. 

The cover photo and the first photo below is from 2018, and the one below that from 2007, all courtesy of Town of Clarendon records.  The Rutland Herald article is courtesy of Joyce Barbieri. 

Though this home is technically on Rt 7B Central, it is far off the road and does not face it.  It rather faces an ancient road long abandoned that sits up above the modern day Gorge Rd.  In Sept. 2018, the historic society had a joint outing with the Crown Point Rd Association that began the day exploring that ancient road.  See the Historical Society - Crown Point Road Association Joint Event 2018 entry in the Newsletters and Presentations collection for more on that outing. 
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