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Historic Architecture of Rutland County

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Historic Architecture of Rutland County
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1/30/2019 10:51:22 AM
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Robert Underhill
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Donated Books, Maps, Misc
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Items donated by Bob Underhill and kept in his home until such point as the historic society has a physical home of its own.
Donated by Bob Underhill
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This book includes the State's historic survey of Clarendon in the 1970's.  Many old homes weren't included but it is invaluable for the ones that were.  The book only presents summary information on individual structures.  Detailed descriptions and histories of properties included in this book was generated in a separate document, the individual components of which can be found in many of the entries for houses in the Homes collection, barns in the Farms and Barns collection, and buildings in the Buildings and Enterprises collection.

This book was donated by Robert Underhill.