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James Hope 1853 Painting @ Clarendon Springs

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James Hope 1853 Painting @ Clarendon Springs
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1/27/2019 4:53:46 PM
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Bob Underhill
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This painting of Clarendon Springs by Vermont artist James Hope (1818 - 1892) can be seen at the Currier Museum of Art in Manchester, NH.

The centerpiece of Clarendon Springs, the Clarendon House, can be seen in the center of the painting.  On the far left the red structure is the District No.3 School, Clarendon Springs found in the schools collection. It is currently a private residence.  The white structure to the right of the schoolhouse is the Green Mountain House and the large white structure to the left of the Clarendon House is the American House.  Both the Green Mountain House and American House have entries in the Buildings & Enterprises collection.  This painting may help in deciphering more of Clarendon Spring's past. 
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