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Lensey Rounds Jr. House

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Lensey Rounds Jr. House
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Robert Underhill
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This ca. 1830 Creek Rd home was part of the property sold by Lensey Rounds Sr. (1786 - 1867) to Ezekiel Eddy (1800 - 1890) in 1834.  The Eddys in turn built the large brick house immediately to the north of this house (see the Eddy House entry in this collection).  When the property was subsequently sold in 1847 to Philip Fisher for $5,500, it was described as the property that Lensey Rounds was living on.  Per the 1850 census this was Lensey Rounds Jr (1818 - 1876) living next door to the Fishers, likely in a house that his father had built.  A special thanks to area historian Dawn Hance for this background data. 

These photos are from 2016.
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