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Edmunds Cemetery

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Edmunds Cemetery
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The Edmunds Cemetery is privately owned and is located off of Gravel Pit Road (on north side) in the Chippenhook section of Clarendon.

From our Facebook site we have a couple recollections pertaining to this cemetery.

From Sarah Gregory:  When my parents bought the property in the late 80's the cemetery was a mess.  Brush piles on top of graves, stones knocked over, stones covered with dirt and in general just overgrown.  A lot of time has been spent cleaning it up over the years.  We always assumed there were more graves that what we had stones for.  I also found a stone in Scottsville Cemetery (Danby) in honor of James Edmunds II and his sons. 

From Bette Fox:  The Edmunds cemetery which is in what was the far SW corner of our pasture (Ewing pasture) always fascinated me as a child.  As I am now in my winter Florida residence, I do not have all of my records with me.  Reviewing the few that I have with me I am reminded that James Edmunds, 2nd came to Clarendon from Rhode Island in 1775.  He was drafted to serve three months in the Revolutionary War.  Because of his large family, he was excused and his 15/16 year old son James, 3rd took his place.  James 2nd was born 1731; died 1797 and is buried in the Chippenhook cemetery.  James 3rd was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1762.  He died in 1846 in Hartland, Niagara, NY.  James 2nd's daughter Anne born 31, July 1772; died 17 Mar 1790 at the age of 16 years 7 months 17 days.  I believe that James 3rd had at least two wives - Olive Robinson, 1764-1803; married 1783; Freelove Olin, 1774-1843; married after 1785.  Freelove bore six children.  After many years of living out of Vermont, I visited the Edmunds cemetery and was shocked to see that many headstones were no longer there.  So sad.  My Dad always referred to that portion of the pasture as the Tuttle corner because across Gravel Pit Road was the location of the home of my 4G grandparents Ebenezer Prime Tuttle (DAR ancestor #A131786) and Thankful Andrews.  Those 30 acres of Tuttle property we called our horse pasture but I never remember keeping horses in the Tuttle pasture.