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Southworth Cellar Hole

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Southworth Cellar Hole
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This cellar hole is on East Tinmouth Road and was occupied until at least 1855 when this 110 acre farm was sold to William Potter for $2,500.  Potter's farm adjoined the Southworth farm on the south.  The house does not appear on the 1869 map. 

In 1813 Hannah Walker (1779 - 1856) inherited her father's (Lewis Walker 1745 - 1813) half of this farm which he jointly owned with Daniel Hills.  Lewis had an ownership interest in 4 farms, the one on which he lived being left to his wife Hannah Cooper (1745 - 1821) and son Lewis (1781 - 1863) and then one additional farm each to three other children.  Daniel Hills (1769 - bef. Nov. 1847)  was residing on the farm at the time of Lewis Walker's death. He was a distant relative of the Walkers, his mother Eunice Walker (1728 - 1772) being a 2nd cousin to Lewis.  After Lewis Walker's death Daniel Hills sold his share of the farm to Hannah for $900. 

By 1817 Hannah was married to Preston Southworth (1782 - 1825) and had given birth to son Seymour Southworth (1817 - 1890).  This was a 2nd marriage for Preston who had three sons by his first marriage.  By 1820 the family was in Clarendon presumably on the farm Hannah had inherited.  Preston's sons by his 1st marriage (Burr (1806 - 1853), Valorous (1807 - 1872), & Myron (1809 - 1897)) all left Vermont, Burr being in Ohio by 1842, Valorous being in Ohio by 1840, and Myron being in Indiana by 1850.  Only Seymour remained on the farm with his mother.  In 1855 Seymour, his 1st wife Rachel Sherman (1810 - 1875), their many children and his mother moved to Middletown Springs, that presumably being when the house was abandoned.  Seymour's 2nd wife was Jane Potter (1831 - 1918). 

Daniel Hills was in Clarendon by 1797 when his 1st child was born here.  He initially bought this farm in 1806 from Isaac Beall for $1,800 which is indicative of the house being there at that time.  Isaac had bought the farm in 1790.  There was a subsequent transfer to Gideon Walker and then in 1808 to Daniel Hills and Lewis Walker.

This home was approximately 30' x 24' or about 720 sq. ft.  An approximate 16' x 20' section of this house comprising its southwest segment did not have a cellar.  Whether it was a predecessor structure or a subsequent addition is not known.  Whether there was a second level to this home is not known.  Very close to the backside of the house is a wet area that likely had more of a stream at one time.  The location of the well has not been found but most likely is in proximity to that wet area. 

These photos are from 2019 courtesy of Phil Mandolare.

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