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Chippenhook Poems

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This first undated poem was written by William Henry Herrick Jr. (1896 - 1938) who grew up in Chippenhook.  William had been farmer and was a truck driver at the time of his death.  He was married to Susan Ballard (1899 - 1988). 

Below that are newspaper clipping with William Herrick's poem but also two others set in Chippenhook. Who Rallen Adams and Addie Butler Stickney were has not been determined.  The Tavern on a Hill poem infers the reference to be to Seba French's Tavern which was on East Tinmouth Rd just south of the Lewis Walker home at the corner of East Tinmouth and Walker Mountain Rd but the timing doesn't match if we are referencing the Rev. War era.  Seba French (1761 - 1836) came to Clarendon from Rehoboth, MA and was living in Clarendon at the time of the 1800, 1810, & 1820 census.  He moved to Ohio sometime after his daughter Mary (1801 - 1823) died. 

More likely the tavern reference is to the Widow Potter's tavern with was further south on East Tinmouth Rd; it worth noting that Lewis Walker owned several farms in this part of town.  Oliver Potter (1730 - 1775) died in Canada during the Revolutionary War and his wife Mary (Colvin) Potter (1737 - 1803) kept a tavern at their home.  She remarried to Judge Increase Moseley (1712 - 1795) and after he died to Luther Cotton.

The cover photo is a postcard set in Chippenhook from 1917. See the Judge Harrington Poem entry in this collection for more poetry by William Herrick. 

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