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The Historical Society Gets Started

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The Historical Society Gets Started
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The Historical Society of Clarendon Vermont began to take form in Sep. 2016 with a meeting organized by Heather Kent in which she arranged for Jim Davidson of the Rutland Historical Society to speak to a small group of interested residents.  In the months that followed we incorporated in VT, obtained a 501(c)(3) non-profit designation from the IRS, created Bylaws, opened a bank account, established membership levels, and elected an initial set of Officers as follows:

Robert Underhill, President
Peter Savage, Vice President
Becky Mandolare, Treasurer
Heather Kent, Secretary

Of critical importance during those early months given we didn't have a physical home of our own was the creation of a website through which we could interface with the public.  Peter Savage designed and built the website, an incredible feat without which we couldn't manage our ever growing collections or make them available to the public.  We were extremely fortunate to have someone of his skill level part of our group.

Other participants in those early organization months were Phil Mandolare, Bob & Joan Bixby, Cindy Davis, Jann Johnson, Rick Bersaw, Lyn Underhill and Mo & Nicolette Asselin. 

In the lead up to the March 2017 Town meeting we prepared a press release that resulted in an article (below) in Sam's Good News and a flyer (below) to be handed out at Town Meeting.   We announced ourselves at the informational meeting at the elementary school the night prior and then spent what turned out to be a raw bitterly cold Town Meeting day outside the Town Hall handing out flyers and accepting members.

Being fully functional effective with Town Meeting 2017 we began the work of the historical society collecting and preserving Clarendon's history. 

The cover photo is the historic society's business card designed by Peter Savage.  It uses the 1869 map of Clarendon as its backdrop. 

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