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Townsend House

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Townsend House
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This late 1850's home is on Rt 7B South.  The first owners are believed to be the Calvin M. Townsend (1824 - 1894) and Mary A. Button (1825 - 1912) family who are found living there in 1860.  They had been living in Wallingford in 1850 and this house was not on the 1854 map, thus a latter 1850's construction. 

The Townsends were still in Clarendon in 1862 when their son Henry was born but were back in Wallingford by 1870.  They retained ownership of it until it was sold after Mary passed in 1912.  At some point the family moved to Fresno, CA, Calvin being recorded as registering to vote in 1892 and son Henry who married in VT in 1884 registering to vote in Fresno in 1888. Daughter Alice Mary (1854 - 1946) was found in Milwaukee, WI in 1880 living with her uncle Henry Harrison Button.  She married there in 1881, was widowed in 1888, and had her mother living with her in Milwaukee by 1900. 

The 2nd floor of this house was said to have been added in the early 1900's.  The cover photo is from a 1988 real estate listing.  The photo below is from 2018.

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