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1960 Clarendon Elementary School

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1960 Clarendon Elementary School
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The former Superintendent's Office adjacent to the current Clarendon Elementary School was an elementary school itself for 10 years until the current elementary school was built in 1970.  The building is currently vacant awaiting disposition.  The cover photo is from the 1960 Annual Town Report.  The photo below is from 2019.

From Julie Congdon July 21, 2020:

I went to 1st thru 3rd in this building until the new building was erected, then started 4th grade in the new building. The building had two classrooms and 1st thru 3rd was in the east room while 4th thru 6th was in the west room Each class had two rows of desks. Dorothy Boynton taught the room with 1st thru 3rd. Later, due to crowding issues, I attended 7th and 8th in this building. I was in the last class to graduate 8th grade at Clarendon as we then transitioned to Mill River.

The planning for this school began in 1954 as can be seen in the article below.

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