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Ridlon Farm

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Ridlon Farm
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Ridlon Farm
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Ridlon Farm
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The Ridlon Farm had been known as the Alfrecha Farm when it was owned by the Chaffee family of Rutland.  See the Events collection for an article about a devastating fire that the farm suffered in 1921 when the Chaffees owned it.  The large barn in the upper left quadrant of the cover photo was built after the fire to replace the one shown in the Alfrecha Farm Fire entry found in the Events collection.  This new barn came as a kit from Sears and Roebuck.  It was derelict for years after farming operations ceased and was torn down in 2018.  Both aerial photos are undated. 

George Henry Ridlon (1898-1986) and his wife Esther E. Thomas (1905-1996) bought the farm in 1947 from Harrison Lafayette Stevens (1892 Rutland - 1975 Plant City, FL). 

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