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1930's "Motel"

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1930's "Motel"
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This ca. 1930 postcard photo of a hotel adjacent to rail tracks is supposed to be in Clarendon but we don't know where that might have been. 

One thought was in East Clarendon in the vicinity where East Clarendon Rd meets Rt 103 where a rail station was.  If so it could have been operated by Charles Kendall Ballard (1877 - 1962) and his wife Nellie Jane Crossman (1882 - 1953) for some portion of the 1928 - 1935 period.  The Ballards lived near the East Clarendon Depot at the time of the 1930 census. 

Charles Ballard had been hotel keeper at the St. James Hotel in Rutland at the time of his 1917 WWI draft registration, proprietor of the West St. Hotel in Rutland at the time of the 1920 census, and working at the Hotel Lake Bomoseen at the time of the compilation of the 1926, 1927, and 1928 Rutland City Directories.  By 1935 he was in Woodstock, VT, thus the 1928 - 1935 window. 

A close look at the photo shows that the sign says Motel rather than Hotel.  The term motel is said to have first come into use starting in 1925 which further supports the dating of this postcard. 

The rail line that cuts through East Clarendon is either well above road level or below it for most of its journey through Clarendon. This hotel was at track level.  If not East Clarendon, then maybe North Clarendon in the vicinity of N. Shrewsbury Rd.

If along the other rail line going up the east side of Otter Creek, then maybe somewhere in Clarendon Flats or North Clarendon in the vicinity of Alfrecha Rd.

Of maybe it is mislabeled and it wasn't in Clarendon at all.  Note that a query was made to the Clarendon, NY Historical Society and with the Clarendon County, SC Historical Society and both say it isn't theirs.