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Curtis House

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Curtis House
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It is thought that this 1820 North Shrewsbury Rd home was built by Thaddeus Curtis (1772-1835) and his wife Ellen Parker (1778 - 1864).  Their son Wolcott Hubbell Curtis (ca. 1812 - 1854) remained on the homestead with his mother and sisters Ellen (1806 - 1870), Sally (1817 - 1856), and Laura (1819 - 1872).  Wolcott married Mary (maiden name unknown) and had 6 children while living there with his mother and sisters.  The youngest child Francis, only 19 months old, died 10-2-1853 in Clarendon.

Wolcott died of consumption less than 4 months later in El Dorado County, CA 1-27-1854.  When Wolcott journeyed to the California gold fields and whether he was a miner himself or served in some other capacity is not known.  Mary and the 5 surviving children also made the journey but whether immediately after the baby Francis died or after Wolcott passed is not known.  Given the difficulties and danger associated with such a journey, it is not too much of a stretch to surmise that Wolcott had some manner of financial interest that warranted Mary heading to California with 5 children, the oldest being 10 or 11.  We do know that she married a widower there, John Killingsworth, 7-30-1854.  The family is subsequently found living in Missouri and the children eventually spreading out to Illinois, Indiana, and California.