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Rathbone Blast Furnace

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Rathbone Blast Furnace
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Iron ore deposits found in Vermont led to the development of blast furnace operations to extract iron from the ore for use in manufacturing items such as stoves and tools.  The cover photo is from "Vermont's 18th and 19th Century Blast Furnace Remains" by Victor R. Rolando, published 1992.  It is not of the Rathbone blast furnace but rather of a different blast furnace ruin photographed in Tinmouth in 1982.

Wait Rathbone Jr. (1773-1847) and Abner Perry (1772-1844) owned a blast furnace just below the Tinmouth - Clarendon line on West Tinmouth Rd.  It was in operation by 1805 as evidenced by the 12-14-1805 Rutland Herald advertisement shown below.  Also shown two advertisements from 1809 for the same furnace.  How long this furnace continued in operation is not known.

Wait Rathbone Jr was born in Stonington, CT and was living in Middletown Springs by the mid-1790's where he built the Valley Hotel.  By 1805 he was living in Tinmouth where he remained until sometime in the 1830's when he retired to Rutland.  He is buried there in the West St. Cemetery.  He first married Betsey Carr (1780-1805) with whom he had 5 children and then married Elizabeth Frances (1788-1849) with whom he had another 5 children. 

There is no record of Abner Perry living locally in this timeframe.  He did own a blast furnace in Lenox, MA and at the time of his death in New Lebanon, NY he had extensive land holdings in MA and NY.  It is not known what his relationship with the blast furnace in Chippenhook was.  Abner, born in Easthampton, MA,  was married to Fanny Waldo (1786 - 1863) and had 6 children.  Note that there were numerous Abner Perry's in this timeframe and all of the published family tree's reviewed confused one Abner Perry for another. 

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