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Shepardson Blast Furnace

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Shepardson Blast Furnace
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Noah Shepardson (5/2/1770 - 1/29/1818) had an iron ore blast furnace in the late 1700's/early 1800's off of West Tinmouth road in Tinmouth just below the Clarendon line.  That area had been considered part of Clarendon at the time, hence the several references to the operation being in Clarendon. His furnace would have been one of two operations in that area that can be seen on both the 1796 and 1821 maps of Clarendon.  When he arrived in Clarendon and began operations is not known but he can be found in the 1800 and 1810 censuses for Clarendon. In the 9/17/1817 Rutland Herald he advertised:


Potash Kettles, Coldrons, Clothier's Plates, Large, Close & Small Stoves, and a large assortment of other kinds of HOLLOW WARE, on the most reasonable terms for ready pay. 

He died just 4 months later and was buried in the Chippenhook Cemetery.  On 11/14/1819 Caleb Hall (1779-1857) of Clarendon who had worked with Shepardson advertised (photo below) the sale of Noah's remaining equipment and inventory.  Several years later (date not known), Caleb married Noah's widow Jerusha Allen (1783-1841) and with her had a daughter Elizabeth (1826-1901).  Noah's passing left Jerusha with 4 children, Allen Church (1799-1871), Noah (1804-1866) Otis (1806-1887) and Adah (1808-1901). 

Caleb's 1st wife Delila Barney (1791-1815) had died leaving him with 3 young children.  He may have married shortly thereafter to Ruth Bixby and had another child Maria in 1817, and then finally Jerusha. 

The cover photo is from "Vermont's 18th and 19th Century Blast Furnace Remains" by Victor R. Rolando, published 1992.  It is of a different set of blast furnace ruins photographed in Tinmouth in 1982.

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