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Judge Theophilus Harrington

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Judge Theophilus Harrington
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Judge Theophilus Harrington
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Judge Theophilus Harrington (1762 - 1813) is noted amongst the most famous people to have lived in Clarendon.  His fame derives from his anti-slavery decision in which he stated that the only bill of sale that he would recognize would be from God himself, but as can be read at the link above detailing his life, he brought sure judgment upon the guilty and in favor of the innocent over the course of his career.  He was known for using commonsense and wisdom more than the letter of the law. 

See here for the Wikipedia entry on him.

and his Genealogy records are here and here .

See also the 1886 Dedication of Monument to Judge Harrington entry in the Documents collection for a transcript of the speech given when the monument in the Chippenhook Cemetery was dedicated.