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1836 Bridge Collapse

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1836 Bridge Collapse
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Before Clarendon's historic Kingsley Bridge was built in 1870 by Timothy Horton (1814-1896) and Kingsley Mill was built ca. 1880 by Nicolas Powers (1817-1897), there were earlier bridges and also a prior mill that was owned by the Kingsley family.  The Rutland Herald article below details the collapse of one of those earlier bridges in 1836, killing 29 year old Harris Stuart (more correctly Stewart). 

Harris Stewart (1807-1836) left behind two children, William Henry (1830-1840) and Ruth (1833-1918) and his wife Alethea Kingsley (1811-1843).  It was her father Chester Kingsley's (1782-1855) mill referenced in the article as being near the bridge.  Alethea's nephew John Harrison Kingsley (1852-1935) owned the historic 1880 mill seen today.

The other men mentioned in the article were:

Spencer Smith (1810-1887)

Abel Walker

Caleb Congdon (1792-1856)

Calvin Crossman (1791-1856)

Abel Walker is a bit of a mystery.  He is found with his family in the 1820 and 1830 census for Clarendon and then disappears from the record.  He likely was a 2nd son named Abel of Ichabod Walker (1749-1832) and Abigail Logia (ca.1750-1798) and is possibly the Abel Walker who died in 1839 in Bloomingdale, IL.  That Abel Walker left a wife and daughter (named Abigail like his mother) who were born in VT.  He has incorrectly been identified numerous times as the Abel Walkers found in Peacham, VT. Whiting, VT, Bolton, NY, and Andover, MA

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