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Bidgood/Balch Bridge

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Bidgood/Balch Bridge
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The cover photo of what was called the Balch Bridge is from a 1937 Rutland Herald article, courtesy of the Rutland Historical Society.  The bridge was built in the range of 1845 - 1862.  It was designed by Nicolas Powers of Clarendon.  It was also known as the Old Maid Parker bridge at the time of it's removal but earlier in its life it was known as the Bidgood Bridge as evidenced by the 1892 Town Report.

Jacob Bidgood (1843 - 1921) came to Clarendon in the 1860's and in 1868 married Rachel Parker Thomas (1837 - 1913).  In 1870 they were living with Rachel's Parker relatives by the bridge that came to be called by their name. They continued living there for many years thereafter.  See the Parker Farm entry in the Farms and Barns collection for more information on the Bidgood and Parker families. 

See the Bidgood/Balch Bridge Engraving Plate entry in the Artifacts collection to see the original engraving plate for the photo in this article. 

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