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Tory Prisoners

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Tory Prisoners
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Updated 7-15-19 with biographical information on Thomas Greene whose whereabouts during & after the war were previously unknown. 

The cover photo is of the Bennington Battle Flag.  An interesting aspect is that this Vermont flag has 13 stars for the 13 colonies at a time when those 13 colonies wouldn't accept Vermont as a 14th State.  New York's claim to Vermont still held sway despite Vermont breaking away as an independent republic in 1777.

The attached document talks about the 30 Tories whose property was confiscated in Clarendon, a well documented part of history, and more importantly about many of those Tories having been jailed in Bennington.  That part of the story has not been well documented or known. 

Attached here is an example of a legal notice posted in conjunction with the confiscation of properties in Clarendon.

Bob Hoar, a Bennington historian, is writing a book about this chapter of Vermont history and provided some of the information included in the document.