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Clarendon Gorge

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Clarendon Gorge
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Photographs of Places in Clarendon
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Photographs of Places in Clarendon
Claendon Gorge
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The photograph is circa 1907.

A site that describes the area is found here.

Below is an excerpt of the description

Mill River offers at least three separate sections of falls and cascades worthy of mention. The upper falls, which were described in full detail in our original guide, are seen below a suspension bridge along a combined section of the Long and Appalachian Trails. These cascades are tiny and somewhat run of the mill, but the suspension bridge adds great appeal.

The lower falls of Clarendon Gorge is a more recent discovery of ours. At this site, the river violently thrashes through a tan-colored gorge. Swimming is not feasible anywhere near the gorge, but tiny pools may be available upstream if the current is calm enough. These falls are locally known as Devil's Gorge and are also often called Lower Clarendon Gorge.

Another unnamed set of cascades is downstream of the lower falls. It is not advisable to hike along the gorge to find them. Instead, follow the directions below to an alternative trailhead, where an easy stroll will bring you downhill to the cascades.

Below are photos of the gorge in 1928, in the early 1900's, ca. 1907, and in 2003.  The bottom two are not dated.

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