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Fort Hill

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Fort Hill
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There is little in the way of written records concerning Fort Hill. In Benjamin Foster's Revolutionary War pension application he says that in 1776 & 1777 he and James Edmonds, another soldier, helped build a block house under Capt. Thomas Sawyer to protect the town. Foster talks about garrisoning the block house in later years. Local legend says the site was the mound in North Clarendon village. This is the eastern edge of the Pinkowski farm and on the north end of the mound, part of Pleasant St. Extension. 

With few details to go on we don't know what this block house/garrison looked like. The cover photo is of the Fort Halifax blockhouse built in 1754 in what is now Winslow, Maine (shown in the photo as it existed in 1936).

A 1931 Rutland Herald article (in the Documents collection "Relics From Ethan Allen Days") written by A.B. Congdon notes he built a blockhouse for his family's protection.  He bought Dr. Elkanah Cook's property which was on the eventual Rutland Town/Clarendon boundary line. If it was, it would've been slightly north of the mound unless he also acquired property on the mound.

A special thanks to Mike Barbieri and Dawn Hance for surfacing Benjamin Foster's pension application.