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Clarendon Springs House

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Clarendon Springs House
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Buildings etc. located in, or of interest to Clarendon
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The Clarendon Springs House is a National Historic Register landmark and has long been a treasured symbol of Clarendon's history.  The link above is from the 1976 historic survey.  Below is a You Tube video.  Here is a Wikipedia link.  The cover photo has not been dated.   The photo below is from 1988 town records. 

There a numerous entries throughout this site pertaining to this structure and its history and the hamlet of Clarendon Springs.  Some of them are as follows.

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From our Facebook site we have a recollection from Joyce Ewing Mcginnis:

My father, Walter Clarence Ewing, (1905-1960) told me as a young boy he went with his father, Walter Charles Ewing, to the Clarendon Springs Hotel to deliver milk.

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