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Andrew Jackson Emery Jr. Murdered

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Andrew Jackson Emery Jr. Murdered
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Andrew J. Emory Jr. (11-2-1869 to 5-17-1902) was murdered at his home in Framingham, MA by 23 year old Nina F. Danforth of Newton, MA.  Raised in Clarendon he was brought back here and buried in the East Clarendon Cemetery.  Attached below are several newspaper articles about his murder and the trial.  Nina was found guilty and sentenced to 21 months in jail.  She was subsequently living with her parents in Newton, MA at the time of the 1910 census but disappears from the record after that. 

Andrew was survived by his wife Joanna Driscoll, 3 daughters and a son.  He was predeceased by 3 sons and a daughter who died in infancy. Andrew had deep roots in Clarendon.  His grandfather was Timothy K. Horton, builder of the Kingsley Bridge.  His mother Mariette Horton was also descended of two other early Clarendon families, the Potters and the Carpenters. 

No image availableBurial in Clarendon (Rutland Herald 5-22-1902)

Mock Marriage (Boston Journal (5-22-1902)

Deceived Another (Boston Journal 5-23-1902)

Insanity Defense (Boston Journal 6-3-1902)

Last Letter (Boston Journal 7-8-1902)

Danforth Sentenced (Boston Journal 11-13-1902)