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History of the Joseph Warren Potter House

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History of the Joseph Warren Potter House
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History of the Potter House
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School Paper on Potter House
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The attached paper about the Potter House on West Tinmouth Rd was written in 1992 by 7th grader Brian Dorherty who grew up in this house.   

The back half of this house was built pre-1777.  It is not known when the front portion was built.  The attached report indicates Julius Ewing (1809 - 1886) as the original builder but that is not likely given when he was born if the home was in turn bought by Joseph Warren Potter (1801-1849) and his wife Lucy Fisk (1800 - 1879) in the 1820's.  Perhaps it was Julius' father Daniel Ewing (1787-1862) who built the house?

From Bette Ewing Fox on 6-12-20 we have:

Joseph Warren Potter and Lucy Fiske purchased the farm in 1840 from Julius A.C. (Ewing) who in turn had purchased it from the Mattison family.  Joseph's son Noel returning from the Civil War bought the farm from the numerous heirs of his parent's estate.  Noel and Lydia Potter (daughter of William Potter across the valley explaining relationship to Henry and Arthur Potter) lived here.  Noel's son William (Will) and Callo White was the next generation.  Brian, the 7th grader, did a nice job researching for his report about his home except neither Julius A.C. Ewing nor his father Daniel built the house, nor lived in it.  Daniel did move from Pittsford to Chippenhook circa 1806/7 but not to raise silkworms - that occurred later - but to go into the business of carding wool with Fish, Edmunds and Beal.  December 31, 1807, Daniel married Harriet Thankful Tuttle daughter of Ebenzer Tuttle of Chippenhook.  By 1808, Daniel had bought out his three partners.  Julius was born 4 Jan. 1809.