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George M. Clark "The Singing Clown"

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George M. Clark "The Singing Clown"
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Items donated by Bob Underhill and kept in his home until such point as the historic society has a physical home of its own.
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George M. Clark (1833 - 1885) grew up in Clarendon and went on to be a successful musician.  The 1870 publication shown in the cover photo was done in conjunction with J.M. French's Oriental Circus and Egyptian Caravan where George was known as the Singing Clown.  He as well played a singing clown for George F. Bailey's Circus and Menagerie and gained a national reputation.  Charles H. Day, who was a circus press agent, said of George:

"...a minstrel manager and ran a grist mill with equal success.  He was also a songwriter and composer.  As a clown he was not possessed of any humor but he sang with sentiment that caught on in the ring and he was a favorite in New England....Whitmore & Clark's Minstrels were for many seasons a Down East success.

Immediately below is the first page of this booklet and below that is the inside cover where George can be seen in capital letters signifying a more prominent role.  Below that is the cover of an 1875 publication likely done in conjunction with Whitmore & Clark's Minstrels, and below that the first page of the booklet with another of George's songs. 

See the George M. Clark, Musician, Civil War Veteran entry in the People collection for a complete bio on him.  See also the entries in this collection for other songs by George M. Clark.

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