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1909 St. Patrick's Day Card

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1909 St. Patrick's Day Card
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Historical People & Events
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This St. Patrick's Day greeting card was mailed from North Clarendon VT on March 16, 1909.  It was sent by Jennie (Savery) Eddy (1863 - 1941), wife of Winslow Ricker Eddy (1864 - 1945) to her sister Emma Cornelia Savery (1873 - 1949) in Mt Holly.  The Saverys were a Clarendon family, Jennie & Emma Cornelia being two of the nine children born to William Savery (1833 - 1913) and Margaret Ann (Harrison) Savery (1842 - 1923). 

See the John H. Savery, A Civil War Soldier Comes Home entry in the people collection to learn about Jennie & Emma Cornelia's uncle who died in Virginia during the war but whose body was brought back for burial in the Chippenhook cemetery.  See also the War of 1812 Prisoner entry in the People collection to learn about Jennie & Cornelia's grandfather Ephraim Savery (1795 - 1874).

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