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Cowslip's Breadwinner Boy

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Cowslip's Breadwinner Boy
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9/9/2020 11:37:36 AM
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Items donated by Bob Underhill and kept in his home until such point as the historic society has a physical home of its own.
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The cover photo is a ca. 1913 - 1915 genealogy chart for a cow named Cowslip's Breadwinner Boy, a purebred Jersey.  It shows his parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and great great grandparents.  Breadwinner Boy was owned by the George Chaffee's Alfrecha Meadow Farm which was at the intersection of Middle Rd and Moulton Ave.  The farm suffered a devastating fire in 1921 and was subsequently resurrected by  Harrison Lafayette Stevens (1892 - 1975) who in turn sold it George Henry Ridlon (1898-1986) and his wife Esther E. (Thomas ) Ridlon (1905-1996) in 1947.  See the Alfrecha Farm Fire entry in the Events collection for more information about the fire.  See the Alfrecha Farm and the Ridlon Farm entries in this collection for more information about the farms.  See also the Arnold House entry in the Homes collection for some of the earlier history of this site. 

In the June 3, 1912 Rutland Herald there was an article that included a statement about George Chaffee (1857 - 1929) buying Breadwinner Boy's father Cowslip's Jolly Sultan from his owner on the Isle of Jersey after trying to buy Breadwinner Boy's grandmother Cowslip Sixteenth.

But the cow the breeders are anxious to have come to America , is known on the island as the £1000 ($5,000) cow, as her owner would not part with her for that figure.  Her name is "Cowslip Sixteenth" P.6084 H.C.  Mr. Cooper , however imported her son, "Cowslip's Jolly Sultan," and he will come to Vermont to head the herd of his purchaser, George T. Chaffee, who also secured the five year's-old daughter of Golden Fern's Lad, out of a daughter of Champion Flying Fox

Below is an ad from the Oct. 16, 1915 Rutland Daily Herald that notes breadwinner Boy's father Jolly Sultan. 

This chart was donated by the Derby Historical Society, Derby, VT.

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