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Civil War Letters

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Civil War Letters
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Capt. Jackson VanBuren Parker was born in Clarendon in 1835 to Capt. Ruel Parker (1792 - 1872) and Emily (Hatch) Parker (1802 - 1894), the 5th of their 11 children.  In 1858 his parents and younger siblings moved to Minnesota but Jackson stayed behind and in 1859 in Brandon he married Julia Ann Clark (1839 - 1917).  Jackson & Julia lived with her parents and in 1861 their first son, Frederick (1861 - 1930) was born.  His military career began in January 1862 and continued for the duration of the war.  After the war, Jackson & Julia had two more sons and continued living with her parents in Brandon where Jackson worked as a grocer.  He died in 1871 at age 36 of inflammation of brain.  Julia filed for a widow's pension in 1879 and supported herself and their children as a music teacher.

Attached at the link above is a document shared on Ancestry.com with a short biography written by one of his descendants followed by transcripts of two letters he wrote to his parents during the war.  There are a couple ? inserted where the transcriber couldn't make out the word. 

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