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Ruth Colvin Hays, Good Old Days Not So Good

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Ruth Colvin Hays, Good Old Days Not So Good
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We have all heard the phrase "good old days", usually in a wistful or comparative manner.  A walk through any colonial era cemetery tells a very different story; that the good old days weren't all that good.  This account is of one family found in the Chippenhook Cemetery.

The cover photo is the tombstone for Ruth (Colvin) Hays (1797 - 1821) who died at age 24 three months after giving birth to her 2nd child Laura (Hays) Eddy (1821 - 1849).  Ruth's 1st born child, Alpheus Hays (1819 - 1820) had died at 3 months old.  His tombstone is below.  The one below that is for Ruth's husband Joseph Hays (1794 - 1844) who died at age 50.  He remarried in 1822 to Hannah Bishop (1795 - 1878) and had 4 additional children, all of whom had full lifespans. 

Ruth's daughter Laura survived to adulthood and married Peleg Alexander Eddy (1819 - 1877).  Laura's 1st born was Joseph Eddy (1845 - 1914).  Her 2nd born was Ruth Eddy (1846 - 1849) who died shortly after her 3rd birthday. Little Ruth's mother, Laura (Hays) Eddy died 4 days later.  They are buried together and share a a tombstone seen below (next to the last).  The cause of their death was not recorded but being only 4 days apart, it likely was a fever of some type that swept through the community. 

Prior to Ruth (Colvin) Hays' own death in 1821, she would have attended the funeral for her younger sister Laura Colvin (1799 - 1819).  Her cause of death at 19 or 20 was not recorded. 

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