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Joseph Warren Potter House

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Joseph Warren Potter House
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7/11/2017 12:45:47 PM
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The oldest part of this West Tinmouth Rd house dates from ca. 1776 .and was built by Francis Matteson (1743-1812) and his wife Mary Priest (1757-1812).  That portion was a separate house that was moved and attached to the back of the present house. 

The main portion of the house is not dated.  A school report written in 1992 that can be found in the Documents collection indicates it was originally built by the Ewing family and then bought by Joseph Warren Potter (1801 - 1849) and his wife Lucy Fisk (1800 - 1879).  The Potters and Mattesons were amongst the early settlers of Clarendon. 

The cover photo is from 2006 town records.  The photo below and photo found here were taken by Rick Bersaw in 2017.

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